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I don't consider the phrase "butt hurt" to be homophobic, r Support Gay Body Blog. Butts & tits. As we all seemed to enjoy looking at the handsome young muscled man, here are some more pics of Jeff Seid. Sounds like an ordinary straight teenager. Nov 24, Messages: Jeff Seid is fugly as fuck!

With the Olympia still several months away, the top contenders in the Open Weight division are still doing their Not Rodney Crewman — Jeff Seid! So far this thread has been pretty mild, even somewhat positive, compared to the gay guys getting eviscerated in other threads. Jeff seid naked. If it was hell yeah and to be honest the classics. He used play Runescape and World of Warcraft pretty seriously. Boy was I surprised. At this point, The Olympia needs as much star power as possible.

But you're the one searching out the straight ones. This is an internet forum in which anyone can post and comment. Big tits webcam chat. The real Jeffy is all natty bro, he looked me in the eye and told me while shaving my balls.

Looks a bit light to me. Been looking at some footage everyone else is buzzing over. Frat boys and 16 year olds love that. Jeff Seid enters the Olympia?? Sharon Ortigas October 13, Which is why i enjoy watching natural body building competitions way more than olympia which is a bunch of politics who decides who takes the sandow.

Jeff seid naked

Easy Ideas to Declutter Your House. More in Featured Post. Don't get me wrong I love Justin but sometimes he needs to tone down the narcissism so it isn't so apparent.

He needs to seriously bulk up. But he has a long history of homophobia. October 14, at 8: Jeremy Buednia or Jeremy Potvin in the same categories? After 12 weeks of daily supplementation, all of the women who took fish oil experienced decreased heart rate at rest and while exercising as well as increased muscle mass. I'm pretty sure it's really him, he made a post then deleted it when I tried talking to him about gear lol, so he was trying to save face, why would a random Jeff Seid do that?

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Stuck in a rut and making the same bad decisions over and over again? I don't think it's Jeff. Big tits mom fucking videos. When we make posts directly about him, he burns out too fast and everyone gets sick of him.

Its cool and all, but it has nothing to do with being athletic or being tough…. Look at how straight WE are! Matt Ogus used to do some pretty And I should have known to look into it a little more.

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This is the same forum that also made Zyzz an internet celebrity Seid also did an AMA on the misc about a year ago in which he came off surprisingly self-aware.

Prateek Sharma dreaming if he thinks he can beat jeremy. Erspart uns das baby face mit der schwuchtel frisur. Jeff seid naked. This place worships straight men. Give it a try! Straight guy loves his red shoes. Just enjoy his comments. Boy-oh-boy, I really wanna see Sergi Constance destroying him. Palm beach nude. Mar 9, Messages: I'll up you with my narcissism, R Zakariae Filali Belhadj hhhh ila tefrou ha wejhi.

Oct 25, Messages: He is a disgrace to the Sport and thats why almost none of the top guys give him props.

He may be straight but he's rather effeminate. He needs to seriously bulk up. I'm shirtless in every pic. They were massive and such a lovely. Jeff Seid enters the Olympia?? Maybe Justin cultivated this long-con style. He stands a better chance then phil for sure. They may as well have asked Lady Gaga to compete, she would have got more people watching it!! You must log in or sign up to post here.


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