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MakeupAddiction subscribe unsubscribereaders 1, users here now MakeupAddiction Rules Click the links within each rule for more info! Legit sellers will be more than happy to help in any way they can. On the top two pictures, you have to see them side by side to even notice a difference.

Newer Post Older Post Home. Nude girls from down under. Mines does and yours will too if its fake. Amblus December 27, at 9: You can see that they're slightly different colors and the font is a little different. Naked basics fake. Melanie Hay June 5, at 4: Also, the potion "sin" is often misspelled as "sim" on the back of the fake box. I never knew fake ones existed either. I had been randomly looking on eBay as you do and a Naked Basics Palette came up which was ending soon. I just remember this thread in particular http: SO obviously fake but I didn't really care.

Both of these black shadows are rather fantastic, I have purchased worse single black shadows in the past from various brands. Nude blonde video. Im so confused, so should i like go higher up in ulta and find out whats going on? Anonymous September 21, at 2: Lately I've been coming across many ladies on here trying to sell fake naked palettes for authentic prices so I decided this post was necessary.

You can also see from the pictures that i have a couple of chips and scraps on it and that is due to the products in the pans which i will explain and you will see why when i show you the following pictures. Right is the fake. I recently found out about a brand called Karity, and as soon as I saw their shadows I knew I needed to try some of them! As I said in my other post, to each their own when it comes to replica stuff.

Your email address will not be published. Newer Post Older Post Home. Posted by Kerry-Anne Spence at I would post pics but i'm not entirely sure how to do that with my phone.

Want to add to the discussion? I assume it varies from brand to brand since every palette should have a serial number. Back of box The back of the box shows that the fake Naked 2 palette looks very similar to the real one version onewith the exception of the plastic box. They have clearly spent a lot of time perfecting the copying of this packaging to trick people into buying their counterfeit products which isn't exactly something the should be proud of.

If the seller accepts, payment will be processed. So all together you can see the different between each shadow and how to spot a real and a fake palette. As the saying goes, If something sounds too good to be trueit probably is.

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Anonymous November 19, at However, these mass-produced palettes seem to come from the same places all the palettes and all those other cheaply made ones with tons of colors come from, the ones companies just slap their logo on and re-sell, so who knows Amblus December 27, at 9: NP February 12, at I am always very cautious buying eye make up from china since I had a bad reaction to one of the "88 palettes" a while ago but I thought I'd try this out just to see if it would be of a better quality.

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It was indeed a very good fake. Curvy milf in stockings. I hope you liked this blog post. Naked basics fake. So, when I visited Marianne in Knoxville last weekend I brought my palette with me so we could compare them. It's important to know what UD is doing now. So the first picture of the outer packing you can see the the right one has more of a brown tint than the original one which is more of a golden colour. The only color that seems to be off from the originals is Naked 2 - it seems a bit darker in the real palette than in this one.

As we can see from the swatches "Naked 2" is a chocolate milk shade and "YDK" has more of a red tint to it. So, what do you guys think? Purchased a fake and didn't know it until my daughter pointed it out and it was a Christmas gift for her.

And, you can see in that the font on the colors is a bit different:. After I made mention of this to the seller, she promptly refunded my money. They know they're up against counterfeits so if you're looking for a deal, simply ask for more pics or even a proof of purchase.

If either palette doesn't come with either of these extras, you know automatically that it's a counterfeit. Adult star escort. The fake one is pinched on one side, but not on the other and the brush is tapered on one side. Should have known better!!! Even without seeing a real palette in person, or having one to compare it with, it was a pitiful attempt at a forgery.

The last telling clue is that the real brush has the number printed on it. I just received a fake Urban Decay Wallpaper palette in the mail. Where have they been that they bought at ulta? I have been so excited for this palette for months now, and it's finally here. If you download the imgur app for android or iphone you can upload a picture directly from your camera roll or gallery to the imgur app.

I say "think," because the price was just really too good to be true, and the seller was in Belgium. Also, when you flip it to where the hinge is, the real urban decay Naked 2 palette label is upside down! The next colour is "Naked 2" vs. Sexy ex girlfriend videos. The scratches on the plastic film are normal since legitimate Nakeds also get scratches.

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Big natural tits in tops I thought it would be something different to break up the festive celebration posts haha! Amblus September 26, at 9: You can also look at the colors and compare them to a palette that you know is authentic.
Busty asian lesbian porn For example, the original Naked palette comes with the mini Primer Potion while the Naked 2 palette comes with the mini Lip Junkie lip gloss.


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